Reverting in git

I use to use svn revert to roll back local modification and get back to the state I was in last time I checked out.

to do the same in git I use :

git checkout -- filename

As git does not automatically push to a server the way subversion does you have an opportunity to revert local commits.

git reset --soft HEAD^

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rtorrent move on download completion

rtorrent moving torrents upon completion:

# Torrents go in ~/Torrents
# Incomplete Downloads in ~/Incomplete
# Upon Completion Data is moved to ~/Seeding

schedule = watch_directory_standard,10,10,"load_start=~/Torrents/*.torrent,d.set_directory=~/Incomplete/,d.set_custom1=~/Seeding/

#Move upon download completion.
system.method.set_key,move_complete,"d.set_directory=$d.get_custom1= ;execute=mv,-n,$d.get_base_path=,$d.get_custom1="

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Check you current Vim colorscheme

This is not a foolproof method, as vim colorschemes are just vim commands but by default they set:

let g:colors_name = "ir_black"

so to find out from vim just run

:echo g:colors_name

Or even simpler suggestion from farfanoide

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Cshrc alias loop

Here are some aliased commands which stop line wrapping on really long lines, making the output much more readable:

# Stop line wrapping
alias ll '(tput rmam; ls -lFh  \!*; tput smam)'
alias la '(tput rmam; ls -lAFh \!*; tput smam)'

alias tree '(tput rmam; tree \!*; tput smam)'

In use:

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Vim: Status line

Deciding to see if I could make my vim status line a bit more practical for myself. I decided to try having the modification ’+’ warning as the first thing on the line. I do not want the rest of the line jumping about when it changes from empty to +, using min widths that should be no problem:

" m is the [+] when modified
set statusline=-%-01h-%10m-%-01r

This becomes empty except the ‘- - -’ when no flags are set, from :help statusline

When all items in a group becomes an empty string (i.e. flags that are not set) and a minwid is not set for the group, the whole group will become empty. This will make a group like the following disappear

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Lightroom Library Metadata Panel

The metadata panel in Lightroom has always felt a little crowded to me. It shows too many dialog boxes or not the ones I want and have to scroll through many panes.

Since most of my photography is uploaded to flickr there are a few section of metadata which are useful.

I use ‘Job Identifier’ as the shoot name, this is the same as the folder I put my RAW files in. Whe I export this becomes part of the file name. My export file name is ‘morganp-Date (YYYYMMDD)-Job Identifier-Filename’.

Lightroom Export Filename

The title of the image in my flick export is taken from the IPTC ‘title’ . So I really only want these to setting present for my flick exports.

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Hugin 2013 Released

11 Months since the last Release Hugin 2013.0.0 is released.

One of the best photo stitchers available at any cost.

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Matlab repeat a matrix n times

repmat(matrix, repeat_y, repeat_x)


repmat([1 2 3],[1,4])

ans =

     1     2     3     1     2     3     1     2     3     1     2     3

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Lightroom 5.3 RC Beta available

Lightroom 5.3RC

The Lightroom 5.3 release candidate will expire on December 31, 2013.

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OS X Handbrake install libdvdcss (Decryption)

  1. Go to the Videolan website and download and run the libdvdcss.pkg.

  2. Switch VLC preference, Advanced, uncheck Dvd-Video use libdvdnav (instead of libdvdread)

Also see Mackonsti.wordpress.

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